We are overwhelmed with gratitude that we have met our 2011 goal of raising Eight thousand dollars.

The kindness of friends and those who regard the mission of The Engaged Zen Foundation as worthy of support makes us venture into 2012 with optimism and a renewed sense of mission. Truly, we ended 2011 with our hearts full. Thank you!

An old acquaintance from my DBZ days gave us a 1997 Infiniti that is has been fitted with new winter tires and new summer tires have been purchased. The car has had some repairs, including the replacement of a major frame member, but on the whole is in incredibly good shape.

EZF has purchased a basic MAC Pro and donated our old MAC G5 system to a brother Zen priest.  We purchased a refurbished Xerox printer and a new stand-alone Epson flat bed scanner.  We received substantial educational discounts on our major software packages and one was flat-out donated. We have made use of the entire eight thousand dollars raised for these efforts.

EZF is always seeking day-to-day operating funds to cover the expenses of our activities.

We continue to seek a home in a warmer place.  The harsh Maine winters are very hard on my dad, Kobutsu, and hasten the deterioration of his health. Someday, we hope, we can live and serve in a sunnier place...

EZF is a 501(c)(3) corporation, all contributions are tax deductable to the full extent of the law. If anyone can help with these matters please call Ryushin Sean Malone:
(207) 669-4966 or email



The Engaged Zen Foundation / Post Office Box 213

Sedgwick, Maine 04676-0213 USA / (207) 359-2555